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At the moment Flowing Software doesn’t have any written manual. Instead, everything is packed to the screen capture video, which shows everything you need for succesful analysis.

Download the Tutorial Video for Flowing Software version 2 (.wmv, 52 MB)

Content of the video:
1. Basic usage (0:04)
2. Regions (2:24)
3. Connections (4:42)
4. Definitions (7:07)
5. Collection tools (8:26)
6. Overlay Histogram (13:43)
7. Automation (14:43)
8. Manipulation tools (19:19)
9. Calculation tools (22:11)

Tool Specific Help

Here you can find the screen capture videos for each tool. The videos are couple of minutes long.

You can find the same videos from Flowing Software by selecting one tool and choosing from top menu Help – Help for Selected Tool.