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Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please check here whether someone else has asked the question already.

Why you offer the software for free?

The simple answer is that there are enough commercial software packages on the market. Flowing Software is not able to compete with them, because we don’t have similar resources for e.g. testing, documenting and fine-tuning every feature. That’s why we provide this is for free. People can try software easily; if they like it, they can use it, and it they don’t, they don’t loose anything.

 There is no contour plot!

Contour plot is coming at some point, but while waiting for contours, one can use density plots. They provide more or less similar information.

 Software is not able to read my data file!

Flow cytometry files are in FCS format. FCS comes from the words Flow Cytometry Stadard. However, it’s far from standard, and every instrument manufacturer has their own style to write the files.

That’s why I would be grateful if you are able to send the unfunctional data file and maybe the screenshot (e.g. from instrument software), how the data should look like. It’s relatively easy to add the support for new file types, and new version (having support for your data file) might come out within couple of days, even in couple of hours.

 Why the software doesn’t support multicore processors?

It doesn’t support yet, but hopefully some day it will. Version 2 has been written with VB2008, which has full support for multicore processing, so please be patient!

 I’m sure that you have some commercial intrests?

This is an university research project, not commercial software. The development is done in Cell Imaging CoreTurku Centre for Biotechnology, Finland. Turku Centre for Biotechnology is a joint department of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi.

 Can I run Flowing Software with Mac?

To be honest, I don’t have any idea. I don’t know anything about Macs and how to run Windows programs in them. I have heard that it’s possible, but I haven’t heard how and whether anyone would have tested Flowing Software.

If you know more, please contact us and tell! 🙂

 I can’t find Histogram Modeller tool

Yes, that’s true. In version 1.6 there was the histogram modeller, but I haven’t had time to implement into the version 2 yet.